The Last Picture Show

by Tigerbeat

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written and recorded from July-December 2013 at Studio M, Champaign, IL.

all instruments performed by John Isberg except bass on "Danville Commercial News" by Michael Hicks. See individual track listing for instrumentation.

All songs written by John Isberg/registered to WhyWeFight Songs (SESAC 2013)


released December 26, 2013

produced by John Isberg and Michael Hicks

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Hicks at Studio M except "Good Luck Tonight" recorded and mixed at My Kitchen Studios by John Isberg with final mix/master at Studio M by Michael Hicks

Special Thanks to: Karima, Eve and Finn Isberg, Alan and Julie Isberg, Kristin and Todd Brennan, Amy and Marc Shuflin, Aron Stromberg, Marten Stromberg, Nathan Westerman, Katie Latona, Isaac Arms, MC Sweeney, Michael Hicks, Denton Hird, Justin Bares, Ward Gollings, Matt Harsh, Todd Hunter and all at WEFT, Todd Fusco and Matt, Tabatha, Nial, Vincent and Chantel at Buvon's Corkscrew, Julian, Duke and Laura at the chill hangout, Evan Lyman, Seth Fein, Tom Sheehan, Kristin Walters, Britt Von Decker, Terry Boyer, Christian Doellner, Scott Fernsler, Geoff Freymuth, Leonard Myles, Klentoria Clements, Mike Ingram, Kayla Brown, Adam Johnson, Chris Broach, Bob Nanna, Steve Znavor, Todd Finkel, Riley Broach, Misty Blann, Brett Suttle, Deserai Miller and everyone who has given me support and encouragement over the last year. Thank you for not giving up on me, with much love, J

This album is for Eve and Finn. You are my heart.

interview w/ Smile Politely:


all rights reserved



Tigerbeat Champaign, Illinois

"Contemplative psych numbers that reach up into space and then pull back down with grounded, guitar-driven, classic-rock choruses." - Julia McAnly / Smile Politely

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Track Name: Danville Commercial News
Gonna ride out of town
Shake the troubles from your hair
And don’t bother me
I only want to take you there

Say it’s a lonely bar
But you don’t even understand
I know you’ve known me before
But I don’t need another hand

I don’t even care at all about you now about you now
I don’t even care at all

You never traveled before
But as long as i keep the door
Don’t pay at the bar
I can always find the car
We’re gonna open the sky
Count the stars and travel high
Paint our necks red
And find the way to Danville tonight

I don’t even care at all about you now about you now
I don’t even care at all
Track Name: Crazy Girl
say what you want
you're gonna be
fine anyway
come on back down and stay
if you want to go
there's the door
don't let it hit you
on your way
girl, I know that you're crazy

"it doesn't matter to me," you say
"I'll be alright anyway"
"and they all know what you did to me anyway"

take all the drugs that you want now
won't fix anything
go on try someone today
come on back down
you lie anyway
go on and get all the crowd you need
"it doesn't matter to me"
you'll say
and you'll be right anyway
and I'll try
but I know there's not any way
gone and messed up
but I know who you are when you're gone
you're a cold drunk
and I know that it's not anything
for me
it's not anything
not anything
for me
Track Name: Rantoul
Go away with me tonight
In the back of my van
Gonna drive to Rantoul
Just to see if we can
Just go
Girl you wanna think twice about last night
And so
You say its on your mind but you need to say you're right

Go away with me tonight
In the back of my ride
Gonna drive to Rantoul
Just to go and get high

Just go
You really wanna rethink about your hair
And no
You oughta think about the way you stare when I say so

Go away with me tonight
In the back of my van
Gonna drive to Rantoul
Just to see if we can
Track Name: A Woman Sings of Expensive Things
A woman sings of expensive things
and that’s not all
A lover cries and her woman’s eyes says
Everything’s on

And if you want some kind of recourse
That’s all right
Your lover’s arms aren’t tainted now
To hold you tight
If you want some kind of love, well
That’s all right
If you want some kind of love, well
Just stay the night
Stay the night

Come on back tonight
It’ll last tonight
Your lover’s arms won’t be long
But that don’t make it right
You want to say it’s expensive sex
But let’s stay the night
Your lover’s arms don’t mean no harm
But you know it ain’t right, yeah
Track Name: Good Luck Tonight
I don’t care what you say tonight
Doesn’t matter to me at all
Give up the fight
I know what you want to do with your night

Come back alone
You want it bad but you just don’t play along
You know you’re wrong
And I’ll join you in the dark of the dawn
Good luck tonight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong and who’s right
I know, "Who’s right?"
You could say it once but I know I was right tonight

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